27 - 30 November 2018

Systems Epigenetics:
Towards Precision Cancer Medicine

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

EpiPredict Conference 2018 - Amsterdam
Systems Epigenetics
Towards Precision Cancer Medicine


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This conference will bring together scientists from multidisciplinary fields employing different research strategies: (1) Epigenetic profiling at genome-wide and/or single cell level to identify complex dynamic regulatory interactions, (2) Bioinformatics and re-iterative in silico experimentation to predict (dynamic) phenotypic responses upon changes in biological parameters to generate new hypotheses, (3) Innovative epigenetic interference tools using for instance CRISPR/dCas-based epigenetic editing tools to locally overwrite epigenetic signatures and verify the impact of defined alterations in epigenetic regulation.

The conference Systems Epigenetics: Towards Precision Cancer Medicine Conference is organized in the context of the ‘EpiPredict’ EU H2020 Innovative training network (www.EpiPredict.eu) coordinated by Dr Pernette Verschure, employing a systems medicine approach to obtain mechanistic, detailed insights into how epigenetic regulation affects resistance development against hormonal treatment in breast cancer estrogen receptor positive patients.

Yours Sincerely,
On behalf of the organising committee
Dr Pernette J. Verschure (University of Amsterdam)

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Our Keynotes

Geneviève Almouzni

Geneviève Almouzni

Structure and function of dynamic chromatin organization
Prof. Jonathan Chubb

Prof. Jonathan Chubb

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    EpiPredict Conference 2018 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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        KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
        Mauritskade 63
        1092 AD Amsterdam
        The Netherlands

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